Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

An introduction to 5e!

NOTICE: This campaign is currently private & closed to the public! I will direct interested parties from my social media. So if that is you – Welcome! I currently need 2 to 4 players. New players are welcome and encouraged to join!

Current characters in party:
Player Characters
* Garock – a Half Orc Level 2 Druid played by Phil.
* no name yet – a Dragonborn Level 1 Fighter played by Johnnie
Non-player Characters
* Maer’Thyn WellStone – a Level 2 Monk
* Snork – a roguish Goblin

New D&D 5e player & novice DM here, looking to have fun with new or experienced players! [NOTE: I’m taking over a campaign that only had 2 sessions. I’ll make an adventure log soon, to inform you of what happened.] I’m using the Starter Set & I’ll run this game following the module fairly closely on Roll20. This will give us time to get used to playing together and gain a familiarity of the rules. Also, I am still learning about using Roll20. Once we wrap-up the Starter Set – we can open things up for a more ‘sand box’ style, with other modules perhaps in the mix as well – as I should be more easily able to adapt on the fly & add stuff more quickly as needed.

:Important Points:
  • Games will start around 1800 hrs. (6:00 PM CST {UTC -6}) on Saturdays (starting Feb. 27th).
  • Sessions run generally from 2 to 4 hours (3 hour average). With 2 to 5 minute breaks every 1.5 to 2 hours or so.
  • Please have a stable internet connection.
  • You must have a decent microphone.
  • We’ll use Skype for voice.
  • Webcam is optional – you’d be free to turn it on & off at-will of course.
  • I tend to run games where a balance of styles is the default- Combat, Exploration & Interaction are seen as equally important. Your feedback will determine if any one of these styles becomes more common than another.
  • When real life prevents you from making a session – please give me notice ASAP. If one player is unable to play, we generally will play without them – I, as DM, will play the PC or find an in-game reason the PC is absent. Alternatively – the group as a whole may control the PC. You may influence this decision if you want. Two or more missing players generally means a reschedule for the session.
  • I gladly accept tips & donations from players. Roll20 is fairly easy to use – but setting up a game is very time & labor intensive. Mainly though – 1st, tips help me pay medical bills related to chronic illness & 2nd, tips improve our game quality, by allowing me to subscribe to Roll20 & purchase game books & products from the roll20 marketplace to add to our game! There is no obligation to tip – play for free all you want! All I ask of you is a good attitude! Contact me for details.
  • Feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the game or Roll20.

If you need rules and/or characters, head on over to the official WOTC site by following the links below – they have free basic rules and many pre-made characters:

:What you need to do:
  • Get a free account at Roll20
  • Get a free account at Skype
  • Choose a Level 1 pre-generated character or create a Level 1 Character. I recommend using the following sheet: Complete Character Sheet
  • Fill out pages 1 thru 2 or 3 – don’t worry about all the rest, it’s optional but helpful. You can fill this out later on as need be.
  • The former party just reached Level 2, so if you want you may Level up your character to Level 2. You can wait if you want, it’s up to you! Your PC should level up after 1 session – maybe 2.
  • Send me the sheet via link or email. If you know how to use roll20 sheets already I’ll have the campaign link posted soon and you can input it yourself – or if you are new I can input the sheet myself.
  • Check out my D&D aids in google drive here
  • If you have time, check out the vids here – most are short. ignore the GM focused ones for now if ya want! Roll20 is easy to use and quick to pick up. There’s not much to it for basic use!
  • Once you have a Roll20 account, let me know and I will send you a link which will add you to the Roll20 campaign page (I should have this link in a day or so).

:My Table Guidelines:
  • Have FUNalways
  • Follow Wheaton’s Law: ’Don’t be a dick’ – always
  • Creativity, Story and Fun trump rules – always
  • Cheating inflicts dishonor upon you & a balanced penalization; or dismissal – always
  • Out-of-character racism; sexism; homophobia; political vitriol or any other type of hateful, harmful, nonsensical bigotry is frowned upon and grounds for dismissal from the game – always
  • The GM has ‘final say’ on any conflict; misunderstanding; disagreement etc. – always
  • Have FUNalways

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures

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